Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dave Rogers' Review of The Twitter Book

Before I forget. Here's the link to my youtube video (my first ever).

I’ve been confused by Twitter since I first heard of it. I did not see how I could benefit from it. Even more, I was not sure how a company could utilize it and make it a part of their marketing strategy. I was looking for a book that could help me in this puzzling area.

I have to be honest with all of you. I'm not even on Facebook... But now I’m on Twitter! How long will I keep it up and tweet about my life? I’m not sure yet. The more I have worked on this project the more I'm liking it.

The Twitter Book was written by Tim O'Reilly(with more than 1,400,000 million follwers) and Sarah Milstein(with just over 11,000 followers). I love it because it teaches you about the various uses and applications of Twitter. If you are looking for a more in depth study of a specific area than this is not the book for you. To just get started this is a good book to grab. It is an easy read at 240 pages and has many pictures, diagrams and colors. Uses examples of screens shots and new features. What more could you want?

This book is exactly what I was looking for. It was a match made in heaven for just $13.59. And it worked out perfectly!

I believe that this book was written for others like me.Regarding the intended audience for this book I completely agree with Jennifer’s remarks below.

"...appropriate for those you're trying to convince that Twitter is all the rage. The book reads like a beginner's how-to guide, which means you could even use it as a subtle way to encourage less than stellar Twitter users to improve their Twittering ways."
-- Jennifer Van Grove,

In a May 2010, Inc. article on Mr. O’Reilly I found the following statement:

“In short, he is the guy who will tell you what smart people will be talking about five years from now -- the guy who predicts the future.” Sounds to me like another great reason to check out this book!


  1. I'm with you; I've never really understood how Twitter has become popular. For a company, I would think Facebook would be a better landscape to encourage customer interaction, etc. Especially because you can encourage more interaction with pictures, video, etc. rather than one-sentence blurbs.

  2. Hmm, I definitely look forward to checking this book out. Social Media is very interesting to me as well, and since I also did a report on a Social Media book, I look forward to expanding my knowledge on the topic. Thanks for posting your review, and I look forward to reading the book as I do have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  3. Good Inc. link. Good review and presentation. Sounds like a good go-to book for Twitter (must be dozens from which to choose).

    To give some scope to the level at which O'Reilly is thinking, talking and writing, a presentation from May 2010 at an event his company produces:

  4. Guess you have to copy and paste that url - sorry.

    Only runs 20 min. Toward the end, he does a SWOT, more or less, on Google, Apple, Microsoft. Big, inspiring message at close.

  5. I don't know Eric. Facebook is my personal space for friends and familys. Companys do not get enterence. But with Twitter...they are allowed, because it's not personal at all, it's very public and when I shout out on Twitter EVERYONE can see it, not just my select group...and who (friends and family) wants to hear you talk about products on your Facebook page. But that's me...